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A Christian orderthat journeys withthe poor

Who we are

  • Our vision began in the early 1980's in inner-city Los Angeles with the InnerCHANGE founder, John Hayes.
  • We are a community of people from all walks of life working together.
  • Today, we send out teams to live and serve in places of poverty across the world.
  • For us, mission is about living and working alongside people - we want to minister from the inside out.
  • Our purpose is to make disciples of Jesus and work for community transformation.

What we do

Our teams are involved in many different activities.

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  • Reaching out to families who are suffering or in crisis
  • Advocacy on behalf of people who need help to raise their voices
  • Reconciliation and bridge-building between different groups
  • Reaching out to youth involved in gangs, violence and drugs
  • Encouraging local churches to become involved in the lives of needy people
  • Discipling local people to follow Jesus
  • Toddler groups and kids’ clubs
  • Work in local schools
  • Access to debt counselling
  • Support for environmental projects
  • Classes in cooking and music to local families and children
  • Praying for those working in mission around the world
  • Preparing meals for children who don’t get enough to eat at home
  • Leading Bible studies
  • Visiting people in prison
  • After-school tutoring
  • Sports ministry
  • Outreach to vulnerable children
  • Intensive physical therapy for children with disability
  • Community-based care for those living with HIV/AIDS
  • Support for community activists with active non-violence training
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mission is aboutliving and workingalongside people -so we minister from the inside out.

Where we're based

InnerCHANGE has teams living and working in locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America and the U.S.

Links to team pages coming soon.

  • Cambodia
  • Glasgow
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Minneapolis
  • Oakland
  • South Africa
  • South Asia
  • Venezuela
  • East Harlem
  • Denver
  • Ethiopia
  • Spain

Our vision

As part of Novo, InnerCHANGE envisions:

Movements of fresh, authentic expressions of the Church among the poor.

  • Holistic in nature
  • Working for community transformation
  • Pioneered by godly leaders
    • Fired by a passion for their world
    • Compelled to multiply disciples of Jesus among people facing poverty

So that the name of Jesus Christ is renowned among the nations.

Join thejourney

As a Christian order, we journey with those who live in poverty.

Our work involves building deep relationships, making disciples of Jesus and developing local leaders. Through collaborative, transformative action, we see people change their lives for the better.

Here are some of the outcomes we see:


  • Making the choice to live and work in places of poverty gives a purpose beyond lifestyle and comfort, and leads to an attitude of joy and commitment.
  • Our team members thrive through mutual support, helping each other to fulfil God-given potential.

Deepening faith

  • Sometimes journeys take us in unexpected directions. As teams, our daily rhythms of prayer and fellowship help us make decisions about the best way forward, and overcome obstacles.
  • As we live and work with the poor, we deepen our experience of and insight into people’s lives. This helps to deepen our own contemplative response, and helps local churches to deepen their love for those on the margins.

Long-term change

  • We journey with people through the ups and downs of life.
  • In the places we work, we don’t offer services or try to take over. Instead, we help individuals to find their own inner resources, and begin using these in a sustainable way.