Sub-merge: Living Deep in A Shallow World (Regal, 2007)

Follow author John Hayes, director of InnerCHANGE, as he lives out his faith on some of the toughest streets and poorest ghettos in the world. Learn what real compassion looks like in the trenches. Discover why people of faith cannot ignore the poor and how the St. Francis model of compassion can help alleviate suffering today.
You'll also be energized to action through an inside look at the workings of InnerCHANGE, a mission order that seeks to live and work among the poor, rather than simply offering aid and handouts. Readers will come away with practical ways they can work for justice and find significance in the process.

From the book . . .
Plunge in. Go deeper. Sub-merge yourself. Two-thirds of the world's population lives in poverty. Children go to bed each night hungry, while despairing parents wonder where the next meal will come from. It's not enough to feel compassion or guilt about this desperate situation. It's time to make a difference. Join director of InnerCHANGE, John Hayes, as he takes you into the heart of some of the most distressed ghettos and neighborhoods in the world. From the streets of Los Angeles to the forgotten villages of Cambodia, you'll find that the face of poverty is as close as your own backyard and as widespread as the furthest continent. Learn what it means to do more than give a handout. Discover how building authentic faith-based relationships through can change the world one person at a time.

What People Are Saying

John Hayes will take you on a trip you will never forget--from San Francisco to Calcutta and Caracas. You will travel in the company of the contemporary Franciscans of InnerCHANGE. They are ordinary people who have taken the call to follow Christ very seriously, devoting their lives to work with some of our poorest neighbors. You will travel to neighborhoods never visited by the tour buses. You will meet the kind of people Jesus hung out with and cared for.Most of all sub-merge will challenge you to the core to consider following Christ in ways that will change your life.
- Tom Sine, Mustard Seed Associates

John Hayes powerfully communicates the impact that global realities have had on him.Through vivid stories and jarring statistics, Hayes shows how the poverty of affluence has overtaken the materialistic West so that two-thirds of the world's population is invisible to us. Sub-merge compels me to stop floating and to dive deep into bringing the love of Christ to the least of these.
- Scottie May, Professor, Wheaton College

Sub-merge is a very significant book, and whilst the particular model of incarnational ministry in the book has been articulated and tested in the white heat contexts of missions to the poorest of the poor, the missional implications of this book extend well beyond the scope of urban mission, to that of missions in general and missions to the West in particular. The fact that this book is written by a courageous,highly articulate, genuinely apostolic practitioner only makes it more appealing and convincing. A must-read for those searching for sustainable ways to meaningfully reach across cultural barriers wherever they might be.
- Alan Hirsch, Author, The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating The Missional Church

God is stirring in the ruins of the "real world," saying again as to St. Francis, "Rebuild my church." John Hayes, backed by a choir of InnerCHANGE storytellers, tells of a new missional order celebrating God's good news in the abandoned places of the world. Those of us who care about the future of the Church need to hear what they've been learning there . . . and join the party.
-Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove, Cofounder, Rutba House

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