Song inspired by Luke 7

Beth Carter, Venezuela

Walking through the night
Walking for the truth
We’re walking for the Kingdom
That’s trying to break through

We are the pilgrims
Following a holy dream
Our feet are caked with dust
But with our eyes fixed we must
Keep proclaiming what can be

Coming from a long line of prophets
Coming from a long line of priests
We come from the dirty
The weak and the diseased

The Call to Love - Guatemala

The call to love looks different in different places. Xela, Guatemala is a city rich with history, beauty, education, and all the trimmings of a modern society. But there is an underbelly to Xela—a population of kids who live on the streets and get by shining shoes, washing cars, or working as assistants on the microbuses.

God is moving in Soshanguve!

by Johannes, in South Africa

Following in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus is very crucial in my journey. I am part of a group of six boys from my neighborhood that meets every week. I am mentoring them in different areas of life.

Beauty from Ashes

God really works in mysterious ways, what the enemy intends for evil God always turns into good for those who love Him! Myself and kids I love get to be the living proof of this reality.

New Micro-finance Social Club

By Petunia Kabongo, in South Africa

Sometime last year, while I was still serving with a local home based care NGO, through conversations with the caregivers, I learned that most of them were borrowing money from local “loan sharks” on a monthly basis to cover some of their living expenses. Anna (our British former intern) and I started conversations on saving money as a way of long-term future planning to improve one’s standard of living rather than borrowing.

Nonviolence As Spiritual Engagement

"Nonviolence and Reconciliation is a Sign of the Reign of God Here On Earth


by Chris Baker Evens

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21

The Message of Presence

Sometimes God pulls you towards certain people; other times, he pushes them to you. This is the case with Miriam, a young girl from our block who has taken a special shining to me. Miriam is an orphan, and lives with her step-mother, who neglects her in favor of caring for her own children. In addition, Miriam has mild mental retardation.

A Different Path: Lessons in Community by Birgit Shorack

I have been dreaming about a life in a community since my teenage years. I think three major influences kindled my desire and were my early inspiration.

One influence was growing up in a Mennonite church with strong family ties. While a good part of the bonding occurred along blood lines, what connected most of us young people was living counter-culturally in non-evangelical Germany. We practiced believers baptism, taught pacifism as a characteristic of a disciple of Jesus and began to integrate social justice with the gospel.

The Fruit of Obedience

We first earned Dave’s* trust because of a simple, yet radical step of obedience.

For over five years our team has been serving pancakes in Golden Gate Park as a way to both meet a tangible need and more importantly to serve as a community gathering place where we can connect with the homeless and traveling youth that come through the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.