Nail Scarred Hands Made New (John Shorack)

Cutting-edge missional witness just got bloodier and yet more hopeful than ever!
Many Christians in America have lost loved ones who gave their lives in military service to save the country and the "free world." John Shorack is one of them. His father, Theodore James Shorack Jr., was shot down in Vietnam in 1966. Unlike many, John didn't conform to his father's legacy of military sacrifice for the nation. He found a completely different way to give his life—for Christ and his kingdom among the poor of the nations.

Nail Scarred Hands Made New speaks from the trenches of a violent, Latin American slum. With deeply personal and theologically probing reflections, John speaks to the next generation of mission workers who feel compelled to lay down their lives—in the surprising hopefulness of God's ability to use the good, bad, and ugly of our kingdom-seeking efforts to accomplish his restoration of all creation.

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