InnerCHANGE Postcards

What do you do when you’ve been on a journey that spans three decades, five continents and countless days of life among the poorest of the poor? You remember. You reflect. You write. This process of action and reflection is at the heart of how InnerCHANGE operates as a missional order among the poor.

You’re looking at a collection of some of the key moments along the InnerCHANGE journey. Over the years, this collection of “postcards” has become a body of “core writings” we use to explain to others, and remind ourselves, who we are as InnerCHANGE. We invite you to take a look.

Keep in mind that while many of these writings sound finished and done, God is still very much writing the story of InnerCHANGE. There are some glimpses here of how we’ve articulated our vision and values in the past. And there are some places where the postcard photo hasn’t fully developed yet.

Whatever your relationship to InnerCHANGE is—potential apprentice, long-time donor, or seasoned member—we hope this collection of writings speaks something to you of the treasure we carry with us as a community. And we hope you discover a postcard written to you, with your name on it, that speaks of your own journey.

Download the file by clicking here.