Downward Rising

A song by Jim Bloom, Minneapolis

Not all that is valued as gold
Glitters and dazzles the eyes
Not all that would lead to life
Is seen by the great to be wise
Not all that is lauded as strength
Is gained by the sword that we swing
And those who inherit the earth
Will ascend by a downward rising

Cloaked in the folly of lowliness
Veiled wisdom makes its way
Below the gaze of the great ones
On the road to a downward rising

The powers cannot perceive
The one without desire
To possess and to dominate
But who’ll die in a downward rising

With the malice of pride unleashed
Seeming weakness to exploit
The demons of fear and hate
Are exposed in a downward rising

Yet the deeds that will prove to move
The wheels that change the world
Are by design to be performed
In the way of a downward rising

© Copyright 2005