Calvary Love

A song by Jim Bloom, Minneapolis
Inspired and adapted from IF by Amy Carmichael

Calvary love does not seek its own interests
Calvary love seeks to empty itself
Calvary love seeks the good of another
Loves only the dust at the foot of the cross

Calvary love is not easily angered
Calvary love is both patient and kind
As a sweet-water jar that is filled to the brim
When this love is hurt spills only sweet-tasting good

If I cannot walk in the way which He leads me
If I cannot drink of His chalice of shame
If I cannot endure for the joy set before me
Then I do not know of His Calvary love

Calvary love does not seek out the first place
Calvary love heeds not men’s empty praise
Calvary love takes its place with the lowly
Seeks only the path where Christ Jesus has walked


The supreme gift of life laid down for its friends
Where embracing the cross brings life to the dead

Calvary love bears all injury gladly
Calvary love believes all is for good
Calvary love hopes in all Christ has spoken
So all is endured for the sake of the prize

© Copyright 2005